Step 2: Submit your prescription to Merck-Medco Rx Services

You can send your prescription to Merck-Medco Rx Services one of two ways:

Have your prescriber fax the prescription to us;
Mail your prescription to your Merck-Medco Rx Services pharmacy using our online mail service form.


To have your prescriber fax your prescription, print and fill out an EasyRxsm Patient Information Form. This form will make it easy for your doctor to submit your prescriptions by providing all of the information needed to submit your prescriptions via fax.

To obtain a copy of the patient information form, as well as complete fax instructions for your prescriber, click here.


To mail in a prescription that your prescriber has written, simply use our online mail service form. To access our online mail service form, you will be asked to enter your member number, so have your member number handy. Once you enter your member number, you will be presented with the address of your Merck-Medco mail service pharmacy, and instructions on how to print, or download and print, and then mail in your completed mail service form with any new prescriptions.

To link over to our online mail service form, click here. Remember to have your member number ready.

  • After you have printed or downloaded the appropriate forms, use the "Back" button on your browser to get back to this page (Step 2 of Getting Started with Internet Mail Service).

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